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FREE directory for the hobbyist or part-time photographer


Ideal for start-up photographers who want to have an immediate online presence and refer potential clients to their portfolio.


Limited to only 35 photographers, this level is attractive to the professional who is looking for an affordable, new tactic to market their business and stand out from the crowd.


Limited to only 5 spots per region, spotlight photographers receive the highest amount of leads.

It is ideal for the entrepreneurial photographer who wants to showcase their portfolio, and place in the top of their categories and on the home page of the site.

Cancellation and Payments

Payments will automatically renew one month from the time you sign up for one of our packages. There are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS.  You can simply renew month to month.

Should you cancel or downgrade your listing, there are no refunds for partial months used.

We require 14 days notice of cancellation or you will be charged for another month.